Everything to Know About Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft recently announced its newest update, and let’s just say the game will never be the same again.

During Minecraft Live, the devs broke down what the 1.21 update would add to the game. Like last year’s update, they clarified that they wouldn’t be saying everything that would be added to the update, since they release more stuff with their snapshots in the coming months. Snapshots are samples of the update that are available to every player playing Minecraft on the computer. And just like last year, players will be able to give feedback to the update as they keep adding it.

Since Minecraft’s 15-year anniversary is just next year, the devs at Mojang Studios decided to center the update around giving the loyal players a bigger challenge. The trial chambers is a structure that can be found in the overworld, filled with different deadly rooms.

They pointed out a new block found inside, called the Copper Bulb, which is a new lightsource made from copper. However, if you look closely, you can also see other new blocks as well, such as copper doors and copper trapdoors.

The rooms contained new mob spawners, which drop loot like emeralds and diamonds once you defeat the strays, or… The Breeze. The Breeze is a new hostile mob, which flies around a battle room and shoots gusts of wind at the players, pushing them back and causing traps on the floor to activate.

That’s all we know about the trial chambers for now, but that’s not the only new thing the update is adding.

Two days before Minecraft Live, Mojang’s mob vote went live. From the Minecraft launcher, players could vote for one of three mobs to join the update: the armadillo, the penguin, or the crab. If you take a peek at the Live chat, you can see people unhappy with having to vote for just one. This made this year’s vote especially controversial, and even more so when the armadillo won. Players who wanted other mobs clicked away unhappy.

The armadillo can be found in deserts and mesas, with its shell able to be used by players to craft armor for their pet wolves.

But maybe the most important new feature of this update, one that could change the game forever, is a new crafting bench. The Crafter. Unlike a regular crafting table, where the player has to craft everything by hand, this can craft things FOR the player. If they load in the ingredients, it will spit out the finished product. Players can make factories that pump out finished items. With this update, Minecraft finally has automated crafting.

In the coming weeks, the snapshots for 1.21 will be released, and we’ll see what else the update has in store.


By Inti Navia, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

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Written by Inti Navia

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