‘EYL’ & ‘Market Mondays’ Creators School the Chi on Investing

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings address the crowd during their Chicago stop on their world tour. / Photos by Christopher Lockridge

“Market Monday” and “Earn Your Leisure” starring Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings kept there sold out streak alive in Chicago recently selling out of Athenaeum Theater. The tour kicked off at 8pm but doors opened two hours early so everyone could get in on time and be seated. Chicago’s very own Ross Mac kicked off the show and caught the audience’s attention from the beginning. Mac taught us how to invest and gave us tips on what to invest in. He also shared info about S&P 500 along with how it’s important to invest because inflation and school tuition might just get higher and higher.

Ross Mac

Ross stated, “Kids outgrow toys, but they will never outgrow an investment. So, for my children’s birthday they don’t get toys, they get investments for their future.” Mac finished up around that time Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal hit the stage, but before they started talking about investment they brought out entrepreneur and East Chicago Native Ian Dunlap as the special guest. The energy started off strong with Dunlap’s fire intro and him asking the audience questions and giving money to the first person who answered correctly. Dunlap, Millings, and Bilal taught us ways to be ready for the stock market and how to tell if it’s a good trade or a bad trade. Millings stated, “We are going in a recession in 2024, so that’s the best time to invest in everything because prices are decreasing.” Bilal and Millings also showed us how they us AI technology to make faster investments.

After an hour of Dunlap, Millings, and Bilal giving us excellent and useful information, the bar stool came out. When the bar stool comes out on “Market Monday” that means someone has to give a monologue. Bilal gave the day’s monologue and it was four key points on investing while giving the audience a little background knowledge about his past.

Millings, Dunlap, 19 Keys, and Bilal talk about making money with AI technology.

Once Bilal finished his monologue, they brought out another special guest which was 19 Keys. He got a standing ovation. If you’re not aware of 19 Keys, he’s currently at 800k on Instagram closing in on 1 million and he’s the host of High Level Conversations. 19 Keys came and dropped gems on how to use AI technology to make money or to even double your money. He also stated, once you learn technology your life will be more efficient. Think about it. Most of us don’t trust the media, so why not learn it to your advantage to make a living.

Broker Rashauna Scott joins joins the fellas on stage.

19 keys gave us many tips to be successful on social media, but after his panel discussion it was time to move to real estate. Bilal and Millings welcomed Rashauna Scott. Scott is a broker and real estate guru. Scott told us everything we needed to know about real estate from getting your license, how to start, and what programs you could go through for grants or loans. The show ended around midnight with an after party right after. The next stop on the “Marketing Monday” world tour is Ghana on December 27th.


By Christopher Lockridge

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