Five Tips For Those Upcoming Finals

With this hectic school year coming to an end, do you feel prepared for your final exams? Here are a few of my tips and tricks to surviving this stressful time of year.

*Make a study plan and set reminders.

Before you stress about looking through your study guides and notes, make a plan. Set times for studying certain subjects and breaks throughout your day. There are a lot of classes to cover so make sure you set separate times for each subject.

*Focus more on your harder classes.

I always found it hard to focus on the harder subjects because I didn’t want to challenge myself or I didn’t have any motivation. Make yourself spend more time on subjects you struggle with and hone in on the subjects that you need to work on.

*Study somewhere outside of the house.

Your home is your sanctuary, where you go after school to not think about school. Keep it that way during finals, go to a library, cafe, or park. Try to separate your school life and home life as much as possible because it keeps you focused when you’re in a certain setting.

*Work as a team.

Get together with a group of friends and study together! Do Quizlets and Kahoots together to make it competitive and fun because there’s nothing more motivating than being able to say you’re the smartest one in your friend group. With Zoom it’s also nice because you can do the shared screen so take turns hosting and making quizzes and study questions.

I remember for a few of my high school finals, we had group chats and looked through Quizlets with the exact answers from our midterms that ended up being almost identical to the final. To say this was helpful is an understatement.

*Take care of yourself.

Be well rested and don’t pull all-nighters. I did that for a history final and forgot everything as soon as I was given the test. Make sure you don’t neglect your health, if you need to put down the notes and study guides, do it and take a short break. Go on a walk or do something that gets your mind off of school for 20 minutes, then try slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I hope these tips help you with your final exams as they start happening within the next few weeks. Remember, stay calm and make a schedule to help you stay sane throughout the end of the school year.


By Abra Richardson, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @_abracadabra

Written by Abra Richardson

I’m an incoming sophomore at Columbia College Chicago studying photojournalism.

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