Saweetie x Stefani Collab Is A Good Matchup

Saweetie and Gwen Stefani team up on “Slow Clap”.

If you grew up blasting Gwen Stefani’s iconic single “Hollaback Girl” with the windows down and chanting the lyrics at the top of your lungs with your mom, then you definitely had a similar childhood that I did. Basically, Stefani is definitely “up there” with the likes of Fergie when it comes to classic and catchy pop hits.

When I heard that Saweetie landed a track with Stefani, I was definitely curious to see how their music styles would mesh and collide for their final product. Not only did Stefani release her new track “Slow Clap” ft. Saweetie, but also a new music video that incorporates inspiration from some of Stefani’s oldest videos. If you haven’t heard it, the track is very upbeat and catchy as both artists play on the words of “Clap” to mimic the beats within the instrumentals and the high school scene setting of jumping rope and playing basketball.

Although Stefani is known for her trademarked platinum blonde hair, we’re introduced to a new side of Saweetie that we’ve never seen before in the music video. Saweetie debuts a bright pink hairstyle as she raps “I finally made it so make it clap, make it clap. Got the laffy taffy, make ’em lean, make ’em snap.” I loved that Saweetie purposely matched her wig to her laffy taffy line because it’s truly that bright of a shade of pink. Then, Saweetie gives a nod of respect in her lyrics to Stefani’s iconic “Hollaback Girl” with the lyric “I ain’t no hollaback b****. Now I got it, I ain’t gotta act rich.

If you were just as surprised by this released collaboration between the two artists, Saweetie was just as excited about the news to work with someone as “iconic” as Stefani. According to, Stefani said, “I saw on the internet that Saweetie had posted her listening to my song ‘Luxurious,’ so then I wrote to the guy helping me find a feature, ‘Oh look, it’s in the air, Saweetie’s listening to my song.’” Stefani added, “He said, ‘Oh, you want her to hop on your song?’ I said, ‘Sure!’ and then literally the next day she posts, ‘I’m going in to work with someone, here’s a clue: she’s iconic.’”

I wonder what big artist Saweetie will collaborate with next? But all I know is she just keeps getting better and finer with time! If you haven’t seen the music video, check it out below.

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By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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