Is Ear Piercing Considered Child Abuse?

Many people keep on coming for Kylie Jenner, just because that is who she is, but most recently she has been receiving much backlash for piercing the ears of Stormi, her 5-month-old  daughter, which has fueled the decade-long debate on whether there is a right age for ear piercing.

Remember, Jenner is a 20-year-old new mother, who doesn’t necessarily know how to do the parenting thing to its full extent, and people attack her for that. First, it was putting a filter on her baby, and now it is ear piercing, which didn’t seem as such a big of a deal to me as it did to others.

I asked many people how they felt about it, and most of them had no issue, but there was major heated controversy in the twitterverse:

There were people who supported the decision or just didn’t care:

As I did, most people, especially children in Black families, got their ears pierced when  they first left the womb. I never really thought that there was an issue, because I enjoy wearing earrings. However this controversy has sparked much argument on twitter. What are your thoughts?

Is ear piercing child abuse? Is it unsafe? Is it the child’s choice?

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By Madinah Muhammad, Junior, Muhammad University of Islam

Twitter: @madinahhh__

Instagram: @ma.dindinn

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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