Kai Cenat Does the Most for Twitch

Kia Cenat became the first person in Twitch history to gain 300,000 subscribers.

As Black History Month came to a (much too) swift end, news of Black success and excellence continued to flood our social media feeds. Kai Cenat, native New Yorker and child to Haitian and Trinidadian parents, recently became the most subscribed streamer on Twitch. Cenat became the first person in Twitch history to gain 300,000 subscribers and the only Black person to hold a top 10 position on the Twitch platform. After hitting the milestone, he shared a heartfelt moment on stream in which his mother congratulated him on his success. Cenat’s mother sincerely congratulated her son stating, “It’s Black excellence in Black History Month. I’m so proud Kai… We love you. The world loves you, Kai.”

Cenat began streaming on the Amazon-owned platform Twitch in February of 2021, where he played video games and reacted to the latest internet trends. Since then, Cenat’s fanbase has only grown larger due to his wacky personality, goofy on-stream antics, and celebrity guest appearances such as Ice Spice, Skai Jackson, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage.

According to the BBC, at the beginning of February, Cenat began a 30-day streaming marathon to commemorate the beginning of Black History Month. During the month, Cenat had guest appearances from rapper G Herbo and Obama impersonator Reggie Brown. By February 22, 2023, Kai had already surpassed the subscriber record with 200,000 subscribers. Just six days later on February 28, it was confirmed that Cenat had reached 300,000 subscribers.

As Cenat’s many fans congratulate him on passing this milestone, they are also highly anticipating his next guest appearance, his next hilarious antic, and most importantly, what’s next in his journey as Twitch’s most subscribed creator.


By Amaar Zarrieff, Freshman, Howard University

Instagram: amaar.fz


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Written by Amaar Zarrieff

Amaar Zarrieff, a student at Howard University, is an aspiring writer, filmmaker, and millionaire looking to make a positive impact on the entertainment industry.

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