Lotta and Cardi Set The One

Cardi B and Lotta perform “Put it on Da Floor Again.”

When Latto released her latest hottest single “Put it on Da Floor,” her fans knew that this catchy boss-vibe track would be the anthem for the summer. Since the popularity of this track has taken over social media platforms and continues to rise on the streaming charts, Latto announced her collaboration with Cardi B for the remix “Put it on Da Floor Again.”

Although Latto has previously collaborated with a mix of rappers and artists such as GloRilla and more, this unique pairing of Latto and Cardi B have captivated fans and audience’s attention. These two women are powerhouses in the rap game and are constantly promoting positivity when it comes to female collaborations. Not only was this business between the two for their music, but they also show the importance of having fun and supporting each other. Before the newest remix was released, the duo took to their social media platforms to announce the surprise by doing the current trending Latto challenge of “Rip me out the plastic, I been acting brand new.” Cardi B sat with a plastic bag over head, covering her face and any details that may give away who the female collaborator would be, while Latto ripped the plastic bag over her head revealing Cardi B.

This pairing has a special stardom power that fans have seen rise within the past few years in the music industry. Female rap collaborations have always shown to be loved by audiences who are fascinated with their hunger for the grind. Although the two are silly and love to strike poses during their music video, this sets a tone for the typical assumption of women not supporting each other is on the decline. Why not share a track with a rapper you admire and climb the streaming charts together? A rapper can do bad all by themselves, but with another popping artist it can only continue to go up from there.

Fans shared positive feedback from this surprise remix collaboration and the verses that each rapper expressed. Hopefully we will be able to receive more collaborations for the popping female artists in the music industry. Latto was nominated earlier this year for best new artist at the Grammy awards, maybe we’ll see a win for her soon.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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