Najah Roberts Is Schooling Folks On Crypto For FREE

Najah “Queen of Crypto” Roberts

Najah Roberts is a leading figure in the industry of crypto currency. Dubbed the “Queen of Crypto”, she is a pioneering tech entrepreneur, an expert in the fields of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and NFTs as well as a community activist. She is also the founder of the first ever African-American and woman-owned crypto exchange and education center in the country. Roberts is currently embarking on a tour to over 40 different cities to speak and educate people of color about decision making when investing into Bitcoin. She’s even partnered with Jay-Z to discuss crypto at the Bitcoin Academy in Brooklyn.

We recently got to speak to Roberts and ask questions about cryptocurrency and how it plays into the future of our economy as a whole.

“This is a new revolution, this is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere, and it is poised to take over…” Roberts said. Crypto is on the rise in popularity and interest, and as the value of the dollar begins to decrease, it seems that this form of currency may become the new norm to be educated in. Roberts added, “…Every other currency is centralized, which means someone else controls it, someone else dictates what happens, how it happens… .”

During the interview, Roberts also addressed a question regarding the myths associated with crypto. She touched on one of the biggest misunderstandings and set the record straight, saying, “This is not a get rich quick scheme.”

Roberts gave us great insight on the don’ts of investing, such as investing in certain companies because, as she put it, “it does not afford them the opportunities to take their Bitcoin off their platform and put into their own private wallet”, meaning that the money you earn may be locked onto a certain platform.

If you’re interested in learning about Bitcoin, Roberts recommended a starter kit website to help you. Simply visit

There are still a few cities left for Roberts to hit on her tour, including a stop in Chicago on July 6th at Brian Leach Basketball Court, 7201 S. Dobson, Chicago, Illinois 60619. During the tour, attendees will be educated on how to use bitcoin and cryptocurrency as an option to save and grow wealth. Participants will learn what Bitcoin and bitcoin (BTC) are, how the Bitcoin protocol and coin work, and why Bitcoin/BTC are important. The event is free to the public and will feature guest appearances, entertainment, free bitcoin, and merchandise giveaways. To RSVP for the tour go to

If you’re interested in Roberts’ mission, read more about her story and her journey on her website at


To hear all the interesting things Roberts had to say, check out the full interview below.


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