NASCAR Driver Lavar Scott Shakes the Chicago Scene

NASCAR Race Car Driver Lavar Scott chats it up with True Star junior staffer Sullivan Anderson about his life in the fast lane during a meet and greet at Muse Coffee Studio. / Photo: Marti Parham

On a sunny Monday morning on the West Side of Chicago, the atmosphere at Muse Coffee Studio is warm and inviting. Mingling with the customers is NASCAR Driver Lavar Scott — the main attraction of the day’s meet and greet. Hosted by Brand B Sports, the goal of this event was to promote diversity within the racing industry and to allow the public to meet this young man who is shaking things up on the track. The first 100 attendees got a free drink courtesy of Scott, who was in town to support the NASCAR Chicago Street Race Weekend.

Scott joined NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Program with Rev Racing in 2020 as a teenager. Now, at the age of 20, the Carney’s Point, NJ, native is focused on leveraging his career and giving back to his community. It’s no secret that it takes an immense amount of discipline to achieve the success that Scott has at such a young age. This discipline is what sets you apart from others, which Scott confirmed through and through. “My mindset behind racing has changed as I’ve gotten older,” he explained. “I race for a purpose, and I want to bring more minorities and people of color to the sport.”

Scott’s Instagram Account

When someone achieves this much success at a young age, it must be easy not to compare yourself, right? Wrong. Comparing yourself to others is easier now more than ever, especially with social media at our fingertips. When asked about the distractions the apps can impose, Scott said that he’s “only on it when he needs to be on it.” He added, “Social media is a very useful tool, but it can also be a very dangerous tool, so I’m intentional with the way I use it.” That’s advice we can all heed to!

Scott’s Instagram Account

We are nothing without the people’s shoulders we stand on, Scott included. He initiated the conversation paying homage to his mother and his grandfather, who started the legacy of racing in his family. “My family was dedicated to it, so I wanted to be a part of that,” he explained. “My family has done everything they can to bring me all the success I’ve had in my career, and nothing would be possible without them.” Now, he continues to rely on their support and surrounds himself with like-minded people, who also know how to have fun. “Racing is an extremely mentally challenging sport,” he said. “I like to go to the beach with my friends and prioritize my life outside of racing.”

Scott is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and his natural trailblazing spirit is extremely admirable. He left True Star with so many gems about staying ready so that you don’t have to get ready. Whether it be in NASCAR, entrepreneurship, content creation, or writing there is an everlasting beauty in pursuing your passions full throttle. As Scott says, the best version of himself is to continue doing what he is doing now, “but even better.” Operating in your passion is a gift that we all have the luxury and choice to use, and it is so inspirational to see someone choosing that daily. We look forward to seeing what Scott accomplishes in the future.

Keep up with Scott and learn more about his races by visiting his website and following him on Instagram.


By Sullivan Anderson, North Carolina A&T State University Alumna

Instagram: @SullivanGrace_


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Written by Sullivan Anderson

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