[NEW ALBUM] Swervo by G Herbo And Southside



I was super super excited for this album until I saw that he’d already released like half of it already, so I think this is the perfect time to let y’all know one of my biggest musical pet peeves! 

Do NOT release 5 songs before you release the entire project, then try to put the songs on the ne

w project because at that point those 5 songs have already gotten played out and now I’m only listening to 30% of yo album. 

Jacquees did that with 4275 and “B.E.D.” but Herb really took my peeve and over did it. He had 4 tracks on the album that had already been released and honestly that made me wanna skip around.  BUT I DIDN’T BECAUSE THAT’S MY BOY!

From “Some Nights” to “Focused” Herb was speaking everything that I needed to hear. From this project I learned a couple things that I wanna share with y’all:

  • He’s still a street nigga no matter how many hits he gets. So don’t try him. “Huh” specifically spoke to me because sometimes people be looking at the college acceptances and certificates like I’m not gone STEP.
  • “Some Nights” also spoke to me in a similar way, but different because we all know he still with all the street shit but he’s smarter, and better, and not to be messed with.

Overall, I feel like this was a filler track and something for Southside to work on and show off which I love because these tracks bang! There ain’t no point of going over tracks like “Focused” and “Who Run It” because they already received their deserved hype.

I can’t wait to see what Herb has coming up for us but whatever it is, all I know is Lil Herb back!

Written by Shay

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