Nick Shares Pic of Baby Boy

Nicki Manaj shares an Instagram pic of her baby boy.

“All these b****** is my sons” – Nicki Minaj

If you’ve been a diehard Nicki Minaj fan since she’s made her debut into the game, then you know this iconic line is one for the books. She has tons of “sons” aka female rappers that have mimicked her and look up to her in the rap realm. Now, she officially has a son of her own.

Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, celebrated their first year of marriage with a post of their baby boy on Manaj’s Instagram feed. Although the photo isn’t of his face, the little sneak peek she gave of her son’s tiny toe and foot was enough for fans to fall in love.


Numerous A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and others have sent the Queen of Rap congratulation gifts and notes. She even gave us a peek into the baby’s tiny accessories that were gifted to her. Fans can’t wait for more released posts to come of our play new little brother! Maybe next time she’ll tell us his name, too.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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