No Fear For Fears

The Joliet athelete is ready for the McDonald’s All American Games

Jeremy Fears is all Smiles as he poses with Marv Spence and Derrick Lott of McDonald’s.

Jeremy Fears Jr. recently celebrated making the McDonald’s All American team one last time in his hometown of Joliet. The event took place at McDonald’s on March 22nd where Fears was supported by his family, friends, and his former teammates from Joliet West High school.
Fear stated “I’m blessed this is amazing. I’ve been ready to compete in the McDonald’s All-American Game since the season ended. I’m heading to Michigan State next year, so I have to live it up. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Fears gets love and support from his brother Jeremiah and their mom during the event.

During the celebration, Fears received words of encouragement from family and friends and he also
signed autographs for those that received a poster of him. The BMOA also gifted Fears his McDonald’s All American poster congratulating him. It was filled with advice from his fellow peers and teammates. The McDonald’s All American Games are set to take place March 29th, so be sure to tune into ESPN to watch Jeremy Fears Jr. takes the court.


By Christopher Lockridge

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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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