Secure Your GPA: Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Slip Up

Thanksgiving break can be such a bittersweet time. On one hand, you get to eat all your favorite foods and be surrounded by your loved one. But on the other hand, it means it’s about last than 30 days until the semester is over. Whether you’re in college or still in high school the countdown to secure your GPA is entering the final phase. So here’s some advice on how to finish out the semester strong.

1. Have you approached your teacher or professor about all the extra credit possibilities available to you? Ten points could literally bump your grade from a C to a B.

2. In all honestly, the relationship you have with your teacher could also help boost your grade. So if you’ve been skipping out on office hours all semester after Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to attend. Staying after class for an extra five minutes to talk to your teacher or professor could help you get insight into why you haven’t been doing so hot in the class. Also speaking to your teacher will allow you to know where you stand in the class. You can’t know what you need to do to improve if you’re unaware.

3. A lot of classes don’t offer a make-up period, but make sure that’s the case. If a teacher will allow you to submit missing assignments or make-up certain assignments, take that opportunity. You want to eliminate as many zeros as possible.

4. Get organized. Take this time to get your assignments together. The end of the semester usually means your biggest projects or papers are going to be due soon. Take time out to get your planner organized to ensure that the rest of the semester goes smooth. Take a day to look over your syllabus, assignments descriptions, or whatever tools your teacher uses to post assignments and tests. You don’t want due dates for assignments or test to pop up on you out of nowhere.

5. Use your time wisely. Make the last weeks count and give your all to boosting your GPA. It could be the difference to passing and failing.


By Jordan Danae, Northern Illinois Alumni

Instagram & Twitter: @jordaniaa_

Written by Jordan Danae

Jordan Danaè, an urban literature nerd and a hip-hop enthusiast. Northern Illinois Alumna hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. I am because you are!

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