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Shawn Amos Talks About New Book & Supporting Black Entrepreneurs

Shawn Amos

Shawn Amos, the son of creator and founder of Famous Amos Cookies, Wally Amos, is an American songwriter, producer, author, entrepreneur, and all-around creative. Watching his father curate the business from the ground up, he had first-hand experience seeing the brand grow into something iconic.

True Star had the opportunity to speak to Shawn Amos via Zoom, to discuss the history behind the business, his new children’s book Cookies & Milk, and the Famous Amos Ingredients to Success Entrepreneurs’ Initiative.

Shawn and his father Wally Amos creator of Famous Amos Cookies.

“I was 7 years old when my father opened that first cookie store. I mean, the first thing to learn was how to order a cash register,” Amos jokes. Although Amos was young when the business first began, he did not fall short on the lessons that came with it. “I think overall the thing that I learned that I keep with me to this day is the value of hard work, and that most of starting a
business or running a business is not glamorous. It’s just a lot of drudgery and a lot of details, and every detail matters. My father really was someone who placed the importance in finding joy in everything… .”

The multi-hyphenate has now recently added the title of “author” to his resume. The book Cookies & Milk describes the highs and lows of Amos’ adolescence, the values of hard work, endurance, and business principles learned from his father over time.

Cookies & Milk Book Cover

“The book’s really a culmination of a lot of storytelling I’ve been telling for years about my childhood,” Amos said. Throughout the interview, he opened up about how the children’s book was inspired by the highs and lows of his upbringing, wanting to tell a heartfelt and relatable story showcasing the beautiful father-son moments, memorializing the legacy built, and showcasing the core values of Black entrepreneurship.

The brand now has a program focusing on these core values: The Famous Amos Ingredients For Success Entrepreneurs Initiative. For the second year in a row, the program has been aiming to support early-stage Black businesses by providing $50,000 to three winners and mentorship to help the owners thrive. Winners will receive support, mentorship, coaching, networking,
and more. Created to honor the legacy of Wally Amos, the program finds it equally important to provide such resources to other Black creatives working towards creating world-renowned brands of their own, highlighting the true Black entrepreneurial experience.

“You see these images of Black people on the short end of the stick or whatever, but y’know we have an incredible entrepreneurial history and entrepreneurial story. I mean being Black in America itself is an entrepreneurial story…we have contributed so much to this country, I say in
a notional way; I mean, we need reminders of our strengths, of our creativity, of our sticktoitiveness, as my dad used to say… I mean we make stuff happen.”

To learn more about the program, go to You can find Shawn Amos’s new children’s book Cookies & Milk, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores and libraries everywhere.

Make sure to watch the interview now to hear the full discussion, and learn even more!


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