Teen Takes Advantage of #ChickenSandwich War

Over the past week I know you’ve all seen your social media timeline flooded with chicken sandwich memes, Popeyes clapbacks, and pictures of the long lines outside the fast food restaurant. But have you heard about the teen who took advantage of the opportunity and registered people to vote? If not let me give you the spill.

According to, Charlotte, NC, teen David Ledbetter, 17, spent his Saturday walking up to customers outside a local Popeyes handing out sample ballots and voter registration forms. Though Ledbetter, can’t vote just yet, he has always found an importance in politics and thinks there’s a lack of younger people involved in them. He saw an opportunity to make that change.

“We were seeing how long the lines were [at Popeyes] and figured we would try to go get individuals to vote,” Ledbetter told CNN. “I was just hoping that the individuals would register to vote.”

The idea to register voters came about when Ledbetter was brainstorming with local attorney Stephanie Sneed who is running for the school board. They thought of the idea together, according to the report.

With this upcoming presidential election, I think it is extremely important for everyone to go out to vote. This is our country and this is our future. We have a voice and should express it by putting someone in office who is for all Americans no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or economic status.

Ledbetter, who is the co-founder of the college and career readiness program Imagine This, is proving to us all that he is a young leader. The high school senior has even pre-registered to vote already. Ledbetter is definitely someone we expect to hear more from in the future.

The time for change is now people. Be a part of that change and register to vote. For more info click here.


By Amaris Edwards, Senior, Brooks College Prep

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Written by TrueStar Staff

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