The One Reason to Watch ‘Tales of the Jedi’

Tales of the Jedi / Ahsoka Tano

“Star Wars'” newest animated show, “Tales of the Jedi,” recently dropped on Disney+. It’s slow to pick up and slow when coming to a stop, but right in between there are three episodes that really stand out.

“Tales of the Jedi” is an anthology series, like the one last year called “Star Wars Visions.” Unlike that mishmash of anime, this one’s done in the style of “The Clone Wars” and “The Bad Batch” and has six episodes of different Jedi from the prequel era of the franchise. It’s not surprising at this point that the character Ahsoka Tano immediately starts the show off in the first episode, and appears in two more throughout season one.

With her recent cameos in “The Mandalorian,” “The Book of Boba Fett,” likely in “The Bad Batch” season two, and with her own show debuting in 2023, Ahsoka Tano quickly got more screen time in “Star Wars” than probably Luke Skywalker and Anakin combined. Her first episode was enjoyable, depicting her as a baby and her atonement to the force, but her other two left something to be desired, especially with the one adapting the Ahsoka novel by E.K. Johnson.

“Tales of the Jedi” really gets down to the meat and bones when it covers Count Dooku’s three episode arc. It follows him before we see him in “Attack of the Clones,” starting as a noble Jedi master, but quickly seeing how corrupted the council has become and falling down the pit of the dark side. It’s a heartbreaking, beautifully done arc, strengthened by the inclusion of Master Yaddle, who fans have been dying to see more of for such a long time, but lessened by the rest of the show.

In short, watch the show (surprisingly) not for Ahsoka, but for Dooku. It adds much more depth to his character in the movies, and will leave you crying by the end of it.

“Tales of the Jedi” doesn’t have a confirmed second season, but if you’re dying for more “Star Wars,” check out “Andor,” which is streaming right now on Disney+ and comes out every Wednesday. Want to see more of Dooku? More of Ahsoka? Let me know your thoughts!


By Inti Navia, Senior, ChiArts

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