DIY Halloween Couples Costume

It’s one of my favorite times of the year! “Spooky szn” is the perfect fall time holiday for you and your boo to dress up for Halloween together. Now this specific time of the year always seems to come around too fast, so what if you end up waiting until the last minute to order the Halloween costume of your choice or if they’re all sold out? I have the solution for you! Do it yourself!

This year, I wanted my boyfriend and I to go as Wilma and Fred from the iconic cartoon “The Flintstones.” So, how can you create a couples outfit like this on the fly? You do have to be creative. So, where did I start? I bought white t-shirts to cut up to make a sexy Bedrock babe inspiration costume that I found on Fashion Nova. Also, string is very essential to use to tie the pieces together and a pearl necklace to finish the look.

Just to make the costume not as bare, I cut up mini wrist sleeves with the t-shirts to add more flare and achieve the overall goal. Although Wilma’s hair is orange in the series (and I’m definitely not dying my real hair), you can get away with the same updo hair style as hers and wear a bold, red lip. The photo below is the goal for a DIY sexy Bedrock babe.

For him, I decided to find a non-thick long orange robe I could paint with black spots like Fred wore in the cartoon. Also, go to the nearest Party City to find a last minute bone prop to carry around, just like  in the series. All he needs next is a blue T-shirt underneath to represent Fred’s necktie or a white tee to match you. And don’t forget to cut out the arm holes in the orange robe.

What are you and your boo going as? Hit me up and tell me about your couples costume. Be safe this spooky szn.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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