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There’s A New Percy Jackson At Disney

Walter Scobell, from the Netflix movie The Adam Project, will star as the new Percy Jackson in the new series from Disney.

I think the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series should be considered a classic. I mean up there with the likes of Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby. Sure, maybe the protagonist of the  Percy Jackson books is a sarcastic teenage boy, and the writing isn’t dabbled with big 19th-century words and it includes much more monsters than longing stares–but I stand by my point. I truly mean that, I think the series is that good. And I know there are thousands of people across the globe who would agree with me.

With his pentalogy of middle-grade books that follow the easily lovable character Percy Jackson and his adventures as a demi-god son of Poseidon, Rick Riordan managed to create a staple for millions of people’s childhoods.

Mines included.

So, I can say with confidence and from personal opinion, that most fans can agree that we’ve yet to see an accurate, quality adaptation of the books from paper to film. Sure There was that one movie in 2010 starring Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) but the opinions have been split on that since its release. Let’s just say that Riordan has not been shy about how much he dislikes the way the films handled his work.

“I still have not seen the movies, and don’t plan on ever doing so,” Riordan tweeted. “I judge them from having read the scripts because I care most about the story. I certainly have nothing against the very talented actors. Not their fault. I’m just sorry they got dragged into that mess.”

All of this only made it that much more exciting when Disney announced that they would be taking on the beloved series–this time working with Riordan himself. I believe this choice will make all the difference. It was Riordian’s writing itself that made the series so huge.

So far not much is known about the TV series except that it will be a series rather than a movie like past adaptations. And the main actor who will play Percy was also revealed only recently. Taking up the role will be Walter Scobell, the young actor who recently appeared in the “The Adam Project” besides Ryan Reynolds.

The choice to cast an actor who’s thirteen was obviously a very deliberate choice, as many of the grievances that fans had with Logan Lerman’s adaptation stemmed from his age. In the book series, Percy is introduced at age twelve and half of the fun is watching him grow up as the story progresses. Lerman had been much older at eighteen during his time as Percy.

We won’t know just how well our favorite story and favorite characters will transfer on-screen until the series is released, but until then it’s at least a comfort to know that Riordan is on the team and has enlisted a very talented and accurate actor to play Percy this time around.


By Kendal Amos, Junior, Chi Arts

Instagram: Kendal.amos

Written by Kendal Amos

16 years old. Reader/writer/lame musical enthusiast

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