Women’s Rights Still on the Line

Women have a long history of being excluded from conversations that have everything to do with them. Their reproductive rights, let alone their human rights, have always been put in jeopardy. This brings us to April 24th, 2024, when recent news broke about a divide on emergency abortion access. The Supreme Court recently listened in on multiple arguments on whether the federal law preempts state bans on all abortions. The arguments surrounded a case that could potentially determine access to safe abortions in emergency rooms all over the country.

According to NBC News, An Idaho case ignited these arguments. Idaho is one among 14 states that ban abortion; No matter the stage of pregnancy with little loophole to objection. The conflict arose between Idaho’s strict abortion ban and the EMTALA (Emergency Medical and Labor Act).

Things you should know:

  • The court’s ruling is to be expected by late June. The outcome will determine if the federal government can require hospitals in states that have strict abortion laws to offer abortions in emergency cases.
  • Abortions are one of the safest medical procedures when done properly and conducted safely. Restricting abortion access will only lead to unsafe procedures that can be fatal or cause maternal mortality.
  • Up-to-date legality of abortions. States like Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas have near-total bans on abortions. Whereas Georgia and South Carolina ban abortion six weeks after pregnancy. It’s important to understand your rights to advocate for them.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union: The ACLU aims to fight for Civil Rights in the U.S. Its involvement in the Supreme Court Case, highlights its mission to defend the rights of all people.

It’s extremely important to note that abortion IS health care and is a part of reproductive rights. You shouldn’t have to be traumatized both physically and mentally to be given access to it. You can join the fight for abortion rights by tuning in with the ACLU. Visit their website to learn more. Or check out other pro-choice organizations that aim to bring about the legalization of proper health care regarding women’s bodies.


By Journey Powell, Freshman, Spelman College

Instagram: journeyaliah


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Written by Journey

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