‘You Brought Me The Ocean,’ A Comic Love Story

DC Comics shows its diverse and soft side

You bought Me the Ocean / DC Comics

Any DC fans in the house? I have to admit I’m a Marvel stan and never got into DC Comics—until now. This is a graphic novel about two boys—one Black and one Asian—who fall in love. But lemme back it up for a minute. It’s set in the DC Universe, which means Superman is flying around all the time. Our protagonist, Jake, lives in the desert, but he is OBSESSED with the ocean and wants to go to University of Miami to study oceanography there. However, his mom and his best friend want him to stay in state, right close by. Then you throw in some pretty cool, unexpected superpowers, a touching queer love story, and some gorgeous artwork, and well… you get a 5-star comic book.

I liked how much meat this book had. It’s packed with great dialogue and believable characters. I mean, the characters feel totally real! Even the characters I felt I wouldn’t get along with IRL were still really strong characters that added to the story. I also loved how much sea imagery there was. Any water signs in the house? The book is gorgeously drawn with lots of blues and soft greens with some steamy kissing scenes. Ugh, I could not get enough! What comics have you read this year and what comics do you NEED to get to? I promise you, add this one to your list. There’s so much action and adventure and the DC setting makes it really feel real in a way. It’s soft, gentle, and heartwarming with a good amount of activity. There’s a good chance you will love this one.

*Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Written by TrueStar Staff

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