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Blue Ivy And Her Mama Bringing Pride To Brown Skin Baddies

With everything that’s going in the Black community with racism, colorism, and pointless feuds we need something to uplift us as a society. We need something that will embrace people with positivity and love. Who else can do that other than Beyoncé Knowles herself. Beyonce has been doing a lot of great things in her life first with Coachella…correction Beychella, then starring as Nala in the live-action version of The Lion King, and on top of that new music, The Lion King: The Gift, to coincide with the movie. At this point Beyoncé can do no wrong in my eyes. Her album features, which she calls “a love letter” to Africa, many different African artists including her very own daughter, Blue Ivy Carter on the song, “Brown Skin Girl.”

The song features Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, Wizkid, and Blue Ivy. SongsMeanings+Facts says, “the lyrics serve as a tribute to melanin-enriched women, specifically in relation to appreciating their beauty and struggles.” Beyoncé’s verse mainly serves to uplift the beauty of women with a darker complexion. She even credits people like Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, and Kelly Rowland. This song sheds light on the struggles for dark skin girls and women compared to light skin women. Beyoncé wasn’t trying to bring down light skin women she was just mainly trying to assure black women that their beautiful because she says, “… there’s complexities in complexion but your skin, it glows like diamonds.”  It’s the same thing in the intro with Blue Ivy and Saint Jhn when they say, “brown skin girl/ your skin just like pearls/ the best thing in the world.” All this song is trying to do is get black women to love the skin that their in.

Ever since the song came out it started this movement called the “Brown Skin Girl Challenge.” The challenge is basically black women showing off their melanin. The challenge attracted people like Lupita Nyong’o and Ava DuVernay. Black women deserve this challenge because it just seems we can’t get a break in this society and we need something to empower ourselves and embrace our beauty.

Here are a few of our fave brown skin girls that took the challenge.




By Allana Green, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep



Written by TrueStar Staff

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