Do You Really Need To Take The ACT?


The ACT test is around the corner, and for the most part is required in order to get into any universities. We read about who should take the test, when to take the test, why the test is important, how to prepare, and what to do in order to bring up that score. The truth is, the ACT standardized test is being put into question. Parents, teachers, and students are questioning just how important this test should be. A study by former dean of admissions for Bates College ,William Hiss, shows that the difference between students who submitted their test results and students who didn’t have less than a 1% difference in their GPA and graduation rate. Right now there are about 850 colleges in the U.S. that do not require a score for admissions.

What really matters when it comes to acceptance is your GPA. Your GPA is a real representation of how hardworking you are and how dedicated you are to your education. Minela Covic, a junior at Lane Tech High School, fully agrees with this , “I believe that what matters is what you accomplished during your four years in High School, like all the extra curricular activities you were involved in, contests you won, and your grades. One test score shouldn’t be a deciding factor.” The trend of test- optional colleges are growing, so if you don’t score exactly what you want don’t let it scare you because there are always options.

By: Samantha Garcia  Lane Tech High School



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