Everyone Doesn’t Want To Sit On Oprah’s Couch!

Now what celebrity doesn’t want that exclusive sit down interview with Oprah? No one you would think… Well, think again. Lauryn Hill rejected an interview with the BIG “O”. A fan recently tweeted Oprah and asked her to get the legendary Lauryn Hill on her show. Following that tweet Oprah replied with “Tried… She Said No.” I personally don’t think it was a rejection to be made out to be bad. She probably did it for personal reasons which may be no-one’s business. Check out the Tweet below.

Written by OfficialHenye

Henye is an editorial stylist who occasionally blogs in his spare time. From Chicago Illinois and currently residing in Los Angeles California Henye' is certainly the go-to guy when it comes to fashion and trends. Follow him on Instagram @OfficialHenye


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