Exclusive Interview W/ Recording Artist JBAR


Many people haven’t really heard of JBAR, but he’s one of my favorite rappers. His music doesn’t condone violence. He’s signed to Interscope Records and is currently part of Soulja Boy’s SODMG group. I had the opportunity to interview him. Got to know him a little better. This is how it went down. . .


• Let us know the basics (Government name, Age, Hometown)

JBAR: My name is Justin Rucker, I’m 22 and From Atlanta.

• Who/What inspired you to enter the music business?
JBAR: Just being a fan of music when I was growing up made me want to enter the music industry.
• How did you come up with the name JBAR?
JBAR: I was given the name “JBAR” from my parents. It’s my initials to my whole name (Justin.Benjamin.Alex.Rucker).
• How would you describe your music for the public if they have never heard you before?
JBAR: I say my music has the college party vibe. Some songs make you wanna dance, others make you want to call your girl up, others jus make you wanna kick back.
• How does it feel to work beside a big artist (Soulja Boy)?
JBAR: It feels good because for him to have accomplished so much in this industry and believed that I could do the same and to give me that chance just makes me feel amazing and makes me go harder to show that i was chosen for a valid reason.
• What artist would you like to do a major feature with?
JBAR: Kanye West. Kanye is an amazing artist. He makes music that will last a life time and that’s what I’m in it for as well. So I believe we could come up with some dope records in the studio.
• Many don’t know that you have done tours outside of the USA, what was that experience like?
JBAR: It’s a whole different experience overseas. The fans show love home in the USA but over there it’s just on another level. Their excitement gets you pumped.
• You have recently created a group called the TOKE Team. Can you tell us more about the group?
JBAR: Yes, the TOKE TEAM is a group of artists I have been working with and known for some years now. It consists of Dan-Dan (@Dandantos) from Detroit, Kj Hines (@kjhines) From Austin, Tx, Kevlar (@KevlarSays) from NYC, and Aries (@IamAries) from the A. We are young men in charge of our own destiny and striving for greatness while making good music and living/loving life! #TOKE! We are having a Toke Team Mixtape Release Party Sept. 14th 2012 in Atlanta, GA at 4186 Buford Hwy 30345. To get in free RSVP at
• Besides music, what else do you like doing in your spare time?
JBAR: I like to watch loads of movies. I’m a big movie head.
• You recently released a new mixtape titled “TOKE Team”. My favorite track is “iToke”. What’s your favorite track on the mixtape?
JBAR: “iToke” Is def. a favorite but I bump “From The 90s” everyday!
• What’s next in line for JBAR?
JBAR: What next in line for me , working on a few sponsorships and branding endorsements. and working on picking a single to push on radio for my official single and the TOKE TEAM official single.
• Where can we find you on the internet?
JBAR: #Twitter: @JBARsodmg #Instagram: PlayaFromThe90s #FaceBook: Search JBAR
• Any special shout outs you want to give?
JBAR: Shout out to the whole SODMG and TOKE TEAM! New music coming soon! Look out for “Burn Slow”! Get “I’m Gone” on iTunes NOW! #TOKE!!!


I expect big things from him in the future so world, be on the look out for him on your radio.

Interview by- Rashard

Written by truestar


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