Navy Nudes: Rihanna’s Outrageous Paris Outfit


We all have someone that we look up to whether it is Beyonce’, Nicki Minaj, Michelle Obama or Sarah Jessica Parker. And there’s always something that draws you to them, whether it be their songs, their style or something they’ve done that caught your attention. There is one artist in particular that has a lot of people looking up to her and has accumulated a huge fan base, The Navy. Yes, this artist is Rihanna.

Rihanna entered the music industry in 2005 and was upholding the reputation of a good girl, but she has done everything possible to kill that image. In the midst of creating great singles, she has gotten gun tattoos, died her hair red, and even flicked off the paparazzi. She has a long list of things that she has done over the past 9 years that has successfully killed her good girl image. Rihannas’ most recent stunt took place during one of her appearances in Paris for Fashion Week. She was spotted rocking a fish net top with absolutely nothing underneath. Yes- nothing! She had absolutely no shame in her game and these pictures have literally gone viral.


As an artist, you want to brand yourself the way that you feel fit. You want to stand out, branch out and do what you want, which is completely understandable. But for Rihanna specifically, who has a huge fan base that she affectionately calls “the Navy”, includes a wide range of all kinds of people and it also contains the most impressionable people: girls and women that are young adults.

As an artist, whether she wants to be or not, RiRi is a role model and has the power to influence others. With this being the case, she should be cautious of the things that she releases to the media. Because before you know it you will have little girls trying to wear clothes that revealing because they saw Rihanna. And for young adults, they will actually start to do it because they can and are making decisions for themselves. That would be a total disaster.

There needs to be a standard that women should hold themselves to. Even though your favorite celebrity did it, doesn’t mean you have to. Dressing provocatively is not something that should be acceptable, especially when the clothing is see through. As ladies, we should know better and when you know better you do better.

As a celebrity, when the world is watching you need to be cautious of some of the content that you are releasing. And as a fan, you should be able to separate what you know is wrong from right even if it means doing things a little differently than your idol.

Written by Taylor Carr

My name is Taylor Carr. I am a junior public relations major, graphic design minor at Howard University. I am an aspiring event planner and entertainment publicist.

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."


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