Real Conversation About Adjusting To College


As promised, I said I would do another post about college. I want to wish all of you ladies and gents a wonderful school year. Motivate and challenge yourself this year. Here’s some things you really need to concentrate on:

1.Check your account balance. Get ahead of your bill and figure out how you will pay the remaining amount.

2.Get ahead of your reading. START NOW!

3. Go out and have fun but be responsible.

4. Meet new people.

5. Really take advantage of your syllabus.

6. Don’t claim everyone as your friends. Really get to know people and don’t limit yourself to knowing only one race. Become diverse.

7. If you want a job start looking asap.

8. Most importantly remember that college is what you make it.Whether or not you love it or not is completely up to you.

Remember you can always tweet me or @truestaris  on Twitter for questions, concerns,or whatever. We want the best for y’all, so go make success happen!

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Written by Eri Loves


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