Rumor Mill Shut Down!


I don’t know who exactly started the rumor that Bey and Jay were thinking of a seperation but people went nuts when the news hit the media. People were claiming they were going to file for a separation for indifferences with parenting and not spending enough time together. Supposedly it all started when Jay Z decided to tour through the fall without checking to see if it worked with his leading lady’s schedule. Bey is supposedly extremely upset.

A family source recently stated that we won’t be seeing a divorce or separation. Just like everyone else they have problems, it just so happens they are the biggest superstars. They are both under pressure and at the moment they are working on spending time for the holidays and working at better time management.

I mean can my fav couple live? Just because they had a disagreement does not mean they are heading down a separation road. I think they do need more time together because they are married and for Blue but let them do that without the rumors people!

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