She Stole My Swag!

0214121610-01She mad! Come on now–y’all know who “she” is. Tamar has a bit of an attitude because apparently K.Michelle loved Tamar’s wig so much that she had to cop her swag. Tamar went on a Twitter rampage and said that K.Michelle stalked her wig maker to look like her. She’s not so much mad at K.Michelle but more so of the stylist because she allowed it. However, she did call K.Michelle a “bi**h.”

All this over some weave though? Is it that serious? Now they beefing over petty stuff. Tamar has always been over the top but if somebody supposedly stole her look,s he should be proud to say she rocked it hard. That should be a honor. But I guess Tamar is not budging.

Since they are competing, who do you think rocked the wig better?

Twitter: love_war_hate Instagram: love_impeccable

Written by Eri Loves


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