Walter Nolan-Cohn Shares Sports Marketing Tips

Session with the Pros

Walter Nolan-Cohn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Chicago House Athletic Club, shares his expertise with True Star.

Members of True Star often get the chance to get onto calls with some very inspiring people to listen to their advice, ask questions and learn helpful things from their success. Recently True Star’s Marketing Team featured Walter Nolan-Cohn in our Session with the Pros segment.  He is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Chicago House Athletic Club–Chicago’s newest pro soccer team.

Walter Nolan-Cohn

Nolan-Cohn started off with a brief introduction of himself and of his job at Chicago House Athletic Club. “Starting a brand new professional sports team coming out of a global pandemic in a six-month window is not for the faint of heart,” Nolan-Cohn said. This statement subtly gave a hint at the dedication and passion Nolan-Cohn and his team has for what they do. I knew instantly that I should listen very closely to everything he was about to present.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Nolan-Cohn’s objective during this session was to teach about Chicago House AC and what they do in the Chicago community, as well as how we can all get involved. It was interesting getting a first-person perspective on something as huge as founding and marketing a pro sports team. Hearing tips, tricks, and industry secrets from someone who always knew they wanted to go into sports provided some very helpful insight. The quote, “A picture is a thousand words,” from  Nolan-Cohn really stuck with me by putting the importance and reason for digital marketing into a clear perspective. The team also discussed different marketing on different platforms, like Twitter.

“Twitter is such an awesome platform for social media because it allows you to message to your fans and other people quickly,” Nolan-Cohn said as we got the chance to study the Twitter page for Chicago House AC. This segment was especially fascinating to me, as I am someone who wants to be in a career where I will have to build a fan base and promote my work.

At the end of the session, the Marketing Team got to ask questions, which Nolan-Cohn answered clearly and in detail. It was great to see someone like this willing to teach young people the tricks of his trade, especially in a time where practically every form of marketing is quickly turning digital.


By Kendal Amos, Junior, Little Black Pearl

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