Ways To Let Your Crush Know You’re Crushing


We all have that one person that we like, but don’t know how to tell them. There are so many ways to let a guy/girl know how you feel. Here’s some different approaches for you to consider when doing so.

1. Be Bold– Just walk up to them and tell that person how you feel about them. Don’t hesitate, don’t second guess yourself just tell him/her. Many people find the bold approach attractive, because it shows that you’re not scared to go after what you want. It says that you’re confident and you’re not scared to tell a person how you feel.

2. Flirt with them– Make eye contact with your crush all the time. Smile at them, laugh at their jokes, give them a wink every now and then. Eventually, they’ll get the hint. Talk to him/her every chance you get. Compliment them. And always, ALWAYS touch them (hair, hand, arm, knee).

3. Add a third-party– This approach works well if you and your crush have mutual friends, if not, it still can work. Have a friend tell your crush how you feel. It can be a friend or yours or his/hers. You can also ask this friend to find out how he/she feels about you. This approach can be good for you because if the feeling is not mutual, you won’t have to stare in the face of rejection.

Many times we are scared to let people know how we feel, because we are afraid of rejection. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know how a person feels until you make the effort to find out. And they’ll never know how you feel until you make the effort to let them know in any way you can. I hope this helps. Good Luck!


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