Is Nicki Minaj #TeamRomney ?

With the presidental election looming in the near future,everyone is pretty anxious to see how this election will turn out! Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj has used her music to express her vote! Apparently in Lil Wayne’s version of “Mercy” off his new mixtape, Nicki is heard endorsing Mitt Romney! Since then she has been receiving backlash and even death threats! Personally, I feel that everyone has the right to vote for whoever they choose to vote for and it is only an issue to me when problems in our country have to be solved and people have the ability to vote but they don’t! So now I’m taking this opportunity to stress that it is important to vote in this election! Whether you are #TEAMOBAMA or #TEAMROMNEY we as young people need to get involved because this will impact the future!

Written by Chioma


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