Real Conversation About Obama VS Romney

Every four years Americans are forced with the decision on who will become our next Commander-in-Chief. The decision is tough but it has to be done. Four years ago, Americans elected a man who appears to be African American.We elected a man who also has Caucasian in him.We elected a man who lives in Chicago.We in unity elected a man who would make history possible to achieve in the future.We elected President Obama!

I want to briefly go down memory lane with you guys on exactly what President Obama did for this country.Remember the time(s) you or somebody you knew got sick and could not go to the hospital because their medical expenses could not be covered? Well I do. President Obama got a new health care plan passed with much opposition. Our previous president, Bush, took several years to find our country’s enemy, Osama Bin Laden. President Obama got into office and had Bin Laden found and killed. He lowered taxes for 95% of Americans even though they have not been lowered enough in my opinion. He is bringing our brothers,mothers,fathers,sisters,uncles,aunts,friends,and other loved ones home from war in Iraq.

However, Romney is the new kid on the block. The new kid who wants to destroy everything Obama built in order to start a new foundation.I learned something interesting about Romney. He believes that this country has to go through the worst in order to get to the best. That is a true statement. But what that means is increasing taxes, taking away health care, increasing tuition for colleges and universities, continuing to fight in wars,and taking away jobs.The worst is exactly what he means.Yet, he has a plan and he too promising this country change!

Now this is not to change your mind on who you’ve been thinking about voting for or who you want to win. But I do want you to open your eyes to the bulls**t that Romney is feeding us. Lets talk about the “worst” shall we? Has this country not already seen the worst? Are we not living in it already? I’ve taken out three loans to get me through my first year of college and that is still not quite enough.Let me get this straight–Romney wants to do what with tuition? Oh no that is not going to work. I refuse to keep taking out loans. It took several of my family members years to find a job that was suitable for them and once again Romney wants to take that away too. Unfortunately, everyone in the U.S. is not rich. People are hungry, kids have no clothes, students are struggling, bills are not being paid,and dreams are too expensive to be achieved.

I might sound a little mad or what not but it’s not that. It is more of frustration. Adversity is out there to destroy us and let us down. But one thing I will not condone is Romney winning this election and making things even harder for me and the people around us.Go through the worst on your own. We need a family like the Obamas in the White House. We need Michelle Obama to give us lessons on how to keep a garden or how to eat healthier. We need Sasha and Malia to show young girls how to behave.We need someone who believes, “We are not moving back…we’re moving forward!” We’ve seen the proof with Obama.Where are Romney’s credentials?

Written by Eri Loves


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