Political Friday:Romney And Obama Debate Number One

Wednesday’s debate was a little intense as fellow Americans watched from all over the country what our Republican Governor candidate and President had to say.I will not sit here and preach to you guys and say how Romney is not a good candidate. He made some very valuable points during his debate. He talked about lowering taxes, restructuring communities, helping students,oh and how much he liked Big Bird.

Obama talked about the same thing but he also addressed lowering tuition for college students and revising the damage the economy is enduring right now. In my opinion neither one of them had a strong argument about anything. They did little low blows towards what each one has not done for the country but when it came to a plan and details, I didn’t hear too much of a real structure. I admit they both came up with good stuff but I’m curious as to how all of this is going to work.

Romney brought up private insurance. How are we going to pay for that? Then one minute he said he’s not going to raise taxes. The next minute, he said he is. Confused–umm yeah I think so. I also noticed that throughout his campaign, Romney has changed his plan a dozen times. Does he even have a fixed plan? Obama is saying the economy will get better.I would like to know how and when. Now I’m not saying that he can fix the economy. I mean let’s be real–shall we? He is not superman. Four years is not enough time.

I do still think that Romney is all about himself. He kept saying “I” while Pres. Obama was saying “We.” We are one nation and have to work together under one leader, but I need a President who will acknowledge that. I do not think Romney gets that. I need a First Lady that will take a stand on the importance of education, nutrition,and social standards. Not naming any names,but I’ve only heard from one of the candidates’ wives.

Michelle Obama released this statement today, “He spoke directly to the American people,” she said. “He’s proven time and again he’s the person we can trust. He has a clear plan to move this country forward.’ That is a real good reason to trust him, but is it good enough for you?

The next debate will be on October 11th. You guys really need to tune in. It is not about race or publicity.This is our lives for the next four years. For those of you guys who are not registered to vote, you have until October 9th to do that.Hurry up! Election day is approaching and the battle is on. Get in tuned!

Tell True Star what you thought of the debate and what some of your major concerns are!

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Written by Eri Loves


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