Self Esteem: Who’s Controlling Your Life?

They say one smile can cover one hundred tears and behind each personality lays a story. A long, untold story. A story that has been slowly breaking you down, bringing down your self-esteem. Then the question is thrown out, “What causes Low Self Esteem?” A question with many answers. As a victim of low self-esteem, I believe that it comes from the feeling of being unloved. The thought of so much hate coming towards you that you begin to hate yourself. You begin to hate everything and everyone. Nevertheless, you begin to hate life. With this comes the thought of suicide. After all these thoughts you realize it’s not worth taking your Life! We are all here for a reason. We have a bright future ahead of us . It’s up to us to be strong individuals and realize that. Don’t let others control Your life!

By: Stephanie

Written by IVC Productions


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