Zendaya’s Style Is The Best Of Both Worlds

With hit singles like “Swag It Out” and “Fashion Is My Kryptonite” (featuring her co-star Bella Thorne) it’s no surprise that this Disney star is a fashion icon.  Zendaya Coleman is a 16-year-old American actress who portrays the always fashionable “Rocky” on the hit TV show Shake It Up. Off set Zendaya has her own unique style. From her long brown hair to her round tip nails. Her closet consists of  many T-shirts (like the “Lost Kats” Tee. seen above), baggy pants and many Adidas shoes.

Although Zendaya is known for the ‘down to earth’ look she can also switch it up. In the girly blue number, Zendaya makes it her own by adding all black stockings and a pair of blue studded earrings. She comments on her style by tweeting she has the “Best of both worlds”.  Zendaya is seen rocking hot nails with colors that pop which was popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hey, they say the past repeats itself.

Still not sure if Zendaya’s style is hot or not? Follow her on Instagram: (ZendayaMarie) and check out her many styles that continue to change. – xoxo Starr Symone

Written by IVC Productions


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